• You feel overwhelmed.

• Your To Do List keeps growing.

• You feel low energy.

• You feel uninspired.

• You don't have time to eat right or exercise.

• You take care of everyone but yourself.

• Something is off balance in your life.


• To feel passionate, inspired, empowered.

• To jump out of bed excited each morning.

• To look in the mirror and like what you see.

• To live inside your best-feeling body.

• To let go of stress.

• To nourish yourself in a way that feeds your spirit.

• To access the life you want, now.

The Blissful Warrior is about finding your way home; giving up the struggle, the effort and the "hard" life you were taught to live, and following the path of ease and joy that you deserve. You are about to uncover The Blissful Warrior within yourself.

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The Blissful Warrior is a catalyst for activation. It is a relatable guide for women of all ages and passes down wisdom in a language that speaks to the next generation of the Divine feminine!” 

Laurén Laurino, ND,
Author of Step Into Your Vision 2.0

“A small book that packs one  ‘hella’ punch,  The  Blissful Warrior is one of very few books in the last couple decades that has hooked me in the way it has. Now this is my new go-to book for inspiration... As a deliberate creator, I take credit for manifesting this for myself! I needed a new ‘happy manual,’ so I brought Rhonda into my life. That’s how this works, you know.”

Kelley Dawn Price,
aka “The Easy Earth Shaman”

The Blissful Warrior is a heartfelt story of a woman and her courage. It’s a must-read for any woman who refuses to settle for mediocrity in her life. It’s a story that proves we all have the power to choose happiness if we’re willing to brave and push through our obstacles. I love this story. It touched my heart and made me feel deeply moved, but with a smile on my face.” 

Christine Young,
Transformational Coach

“Once in a great while, a book comes along and reminds us of who we are, why we’re here and what this journey is about. The Blissful Warrior is such a book. Rhonda Uretzky writes with compassion and tenderness for herself and the events that bring her home.This is a book that you will want to keep close so that you can pick it up when you need uplifting, a joyful cry, or tools for coming back to your heart.”

A. Kim Pentecost,
Intuitive Coach & Healer